Offer of the BPS22 mediation department:

  • questioning the relation between art and society
  • being in a situation of exchange and proximity
  • inviting, encountering artworks
  • discover new art forms
  • accompany questions sparked by exhibitions
  • seek answers together
  • mix audiences
  • nourish ideas
  • help everyone find their place
  • initiate artistic development workshops 
  • invent moments when sense joins sensitivity

Whether you are visiting us with your school class, your association, alone or with your family, the exhibition spaces, Local Hall, Studio and Lab are places of multi-disciplinary actions, exchanges and confrontations in an approach of participation and reflection.
To move away from known trajectories and back words with actions, the mediation department offers two types of meetings: The Indispensables and the Unexpected.

The Indispensables of the BPS22

  • Connected tours with web app
  • Guided tours for families, groups, friends (guide + possibility for snack)
  • Guided tours for schools and associations (guide + workshop)
  • Special visits for people with disabilities

Don't hesitate to contact our team to create your own tailor-made visit.

Bookings should be made 3 weeks prior to the guided tour.

The Unexpected of the BPS22

Episodic encounters during which various disciplines meet, rub together and against each other around social issues.

Reading, performance, music and dance come together to envisage art as a meeting space between people from various age groups, social environments and centres of interest.




Offer a multitude of outlooks and points of view by inviting philosophers, artists, writers, historians and sociologists to uncoil their thought, confront them against one another and express them through conversation rather than conference and by addressing everyone interested in widening their vision on the world.


Time to search, question, jostle certainties around in a stimulating, reassuring setting in the company of Maud Hagelstein, art philosopher and researcher at the ULG. During these workshops, Maud Haglestein ensures that everyone finds her/his place and dares say what s/he knows and does not know.

Information at the mediation department
+32 71 27 29 71 or