Sequences Initiation to cartooning

  • Training session
  • date:
  • 22.08.2016 - 26.08.2016

What adventures could you imagine taking place in a museum devoid of artworks?

This workshop offers participants the opportunity to create epic characters (fictive characters and their lives, a crazy museum guard, a manic collector, etc.) and invent an adventure inside the museum.

With an economy of means and materials, pencils, inks, pens and brushes, a sheet of paper folded in 8 and a printer, you will grow a universe, a sequence, a piece of a story, an adventure...

For 5 days, you will explore at your own rhythm different ways of telling a tale using cartooning, starting off from exquisite corpses, collages, détournements...

Intervener : Laurent Dandoy, cartoon author and illustrator

Opening hours
22.08.16 > 26.08.16
9:30 > 16:30 (welcome from 9:00 to 17:00)
Opening: Friday 26.08.16 at 16:00

Practical information
Bring a snack and a packed lunch
Beverages provided by the BPS22

€60 per week
€50 from the second child

Information and booking: Facilitation department
+32 71 27 29 71 or