• Debate
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  • 26.02.2017 - 23.04.2017

Time to search, question, jostle certainties around in a stimulating, reassuring setting in the company of Maud Hagelstein, art philosopher and researcher at the ULG.

Each encounter proves another opportunity to approach a philosopher and a concept to envisage art from various viewpoints: Plato's illusion, Spinoza's joy, Nietzsche's energy, Deleuze's style, Rancière's emancipation, Didi-Huberman's emotion.

Children accompanying adults will be able to explore the same questions in a creative workshop adapted to their age.

Sundays 23.10 - 27.11 to 14:30 - Tea-time à 16:00
Other dates will be announced shortly.

Rates (admission fee and tea-time included)
Adults: €10 / €50 for the entire cycle.
Children: €4 / €30 for the entire cycle
Article 27 ticket

Information and booking: Facilitation department
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