Night of Radiant Darkness Performances night

  • Dance
  • Concert
  • date:
  • 21.01.2017

For the last night of the exhibition, come and enjoy a dance performance and concert.

On Saturday 21 January, the BPS22 will be converted to host two events connected to Metamorphic Earth: a dance performance by Alkistis Dimech on live music by Kevin Muhlen and Angelo Mangini and a concert by Stephen O'Malley.

New projections by Gast Bouschet et Nadine Hilbert will accompany these performances.

During the first part of the evening, Alkistis Dimech will present a dance of darkness where the myth of medieval witch dancing meets the radical, subversive impetus of Butoh. This Sabbath dance is often associated to the realm of cosmic darkness underlying Bouschet and Hilbert's videos and Muhlen and Mangini's music.

Stephen O'Malley will create a massive live sculpture that will interact with the cavernous spaces depicted in Bouschet and Hilbert's new video. Their team works calls upon a mobile vital strength opening up a portal to an abyssal pit that leads to infinite depth.

Heavy and extreme power of sound... you have been warned!

SAT 21.01.17 - 20:00
Entrance fee: €5
: +32 71 27 29 71 - 

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