• Debate
  • date:
  • 05.05.2019

During these moments of exchange, we look at the idea that art today designates a particular sensory experience, different from the ordinary sensory experience. 

There are numerous ways of inhabiting spaces. How does contemporary art - including in its raw or "minor" popular forms of expression - demonstrate its solidarity with alternative models linked to the habitat? What perspective does art give us of those who are looking to invent a different way of "living": lightweight, ecological housing, zones to defend (ZAD), squats and illegal occupations, for example? 

With Maud HAGELSTEIN, art philosopher and researcher at FNRS/ULiège.

SUN. 05.05.2019
14:30 > 16:00

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Children from 4+ accompanying their parents may attend an art workshop at the same time (upon reservation). 

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