• Reflection day
  • date:
  • 16.11.2018


Echoing the exhibition US OR CHAOS, which deals with some of today's major political and social problems, this day of reflection will take a look at forms of disobedience, acts of insubordination and dissidence and attempts to come up with new forms of democracy.

The day is all about presenting audiences with a variety of angles and perspectives by inviting philosophers, artists and writers to have a conversation rather than expressing themselves within the context of a conference. 


Pascal Claude, conveys the words of the day, journalist and presenter of the programme Dans quel Monde on vit and Et dieu dans tout ça on the French-speaking channel la Première (RTBF).

Emmanuel Dockès, specialist in labour law and professor at the university of Paris-Nanterre. He recently published Voyage en misarchie. Essai pour tout reconstruire, published by éditions du Détour.

Frédéric Gros, philosopher, professor of political thought at Sciences Po Paris, analyses the different forms of disobedience in his essay Désobéir, published by Albin Michel.

Thierry Paquot, philosopher, author of numerous works including the latest one, Utopies et Utopistes, published by La Découverte.

Grégoire Polet, author, whose two latest books, Barcelona !, and Tous, published by Gallimard, deal with democratic questions; ranging from the Indignésto disobedience by way of the invention of another system.

Isabelle Stengers, philosopher, professor at the ULB, interested in the mechanisms which both require and stimulate collective intelligence and, in particular, those which correspond to the practices of direct democracy.

Abdellah Taïa, writer and filmmaker. He is one of the first Moroccan writers to publicly assert his homosexuality, both in his work and in the media. Today he lives in Paris and is fighting to keep alive the hope that the "Arab Spring" gave rise to.

In collaboration with L'Ancre, one male and one female actor will intersperse these interventions by reading the Discours de la servitude volontaireby Etienne de La Boétie.

This day will be accompanied by the CESEP, which is celebrating its 40 years around the question of utopias and ways of seeing a world in which it is still possible to act, and the CAL Charleroi, resonating with its policies on civil disobedience and citizens' rights.

FRIDAY 16.11.2018

9:30 > 17:00 (welcome desk at 9:00)

€20 / €5 students, job seekers and groups (min. 10 people)/ Article 27 Ticket

Entrance to the Museum and small meal included.

In the Auditorium of the Université du Travail 

Bd Roullier 1, 6000 Charleroi

Entrance via the University library (rue Lebeau, a stone's throw from BPS22)

The visit of the exhibition at the BPS22 is planned for the lunch hour.

Information and reservations: +32 71 27 29 71 or