Grand Angle Living in the city, living the city

  • Reflection day
  • date:
  • 26.10.2017

Echoing Raphaël Zarka's show, Riding Modern Art, the BPS22 Grands Angles speaks to anyone wishing to envisage a question from various viewpoints, allowing the interveners to express their reflections through conversation rather than via a conference.

"The city only exists through the movements of its inhabitants"
David Le Breton

During this day of contemplation, we will attempt to understand how individuals - and groups of inhabitants - subject to social and spatial constraints, can find or lose themselves in the city. 
What is their living space? What territories do we appropriate? What territories do we abandon? Where do the trajectories of the various cultures, genders, generations, groups or social groups converge?

Thursday 26.10.2017
9:30 > 16:30 (opens at 9:00)

€ 20 / € 5 students (entrance to the museum and snacks included) 
Article 27 ticket 

At the Auditorium of the Université du Travail 
Bd Roullier, 1
6000 Charleroi
Entrance via the UT library (rue Lebeau, near the BPS22)

The visit of the BPS22 exhibition is scheduled during lunch breaks.

Info and booking: +32 71 27 29 71 or