Artists’ actions, between infiltration and excessiveness Conference aperitif #2

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  • 05.10.2019

In “The Gallery as action”, one of the most crucial articles on the history of exhibitions, Brian O’Doherty recounts the artistic actions that have made the place itself (the gallery, in this case) the content of the art. The history of western art in effect notes several actions of this kind, from Vide (“With the Void”) by Yves Klein to the actions of Hans Haacke, by way of Arman’s Le Plein (“Full Up”) or, in Belgium, the creations of Guillaume Bijl, without even mentioning some recent projects by current artists such as Santiago Sierra or Gianni Motti, shown at the BPS22 in 2012. This conference will present artists who, at the expense of more so-called “classic” forms of exhibition, have emphasised “action”: a strong and unique, even radical creation that disrupts the visitors’ habits (and those of the hosting institution).

With Dorothée Duvivier, curator at the BPS22.

SAT. 05.10.2019
11:00 > 12:30


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