Art and feminist struggles Conference aperitif #4

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  • date:
  • 14.12.2019

If what we call “feminist art” appeared in the 1960s, it really flourished in the early 70s in the USA as a form of activism linked to the emancipation of women from the patriarchy. In the field of art, it is necessary to question the visibility as well as the acknowledgment of female artists but also, for these artists, to re-appropriate the image of their bodies and of their sexuality. Several works by iconic artists such as Linder Sterling, Valie Export, Ana Mendieta, the Guerilla Girls, Zoé Léonar, the Just for the Record collective, etc. will be presented to ask if the question of gender should have a place in artistic creation.

With Nancy Casielles, curator bij BPS22.

SAT. 14.12.2019
11:00 > 12:30

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