Art, Alchemy and Magic Conference aperitif #10

  • Conference
  • date:
  • 13.06.2020

Historically, art has dealt with “invisible forces”, be they religious, spiritual, magical, shamanic, alchemic... Too long neglected during a 20th century that prioritised rationalistic discourse on art (minimalism, conceptualism, etc.), this “occult” trend is again coming to the fore in the field of modern art over the last decade. This to the point where it is hinting at a complete rereading of the history of art. The conference will provide a summary overview of these new influences, well beyond the artistic sphere, and will position art as a form of counter-cultural resistance to the dominant ideology.

With Pierre-Olivier Rollin, director of BPS22.

SAT. 13.06.2020
11:00 > 12:30


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Adults: €10 
Seniors, students, teachers: €6
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